We at Halo Health appreciate that the best health care is not found in a medical office, but is rather a constellation of our everyday choices and experiences that contribute to a wonderful life: A long weekend away with friends; a game of tennis with Dad; a sunrise run; a cozy book and snuggle with your child; an all-night dance party; a view from the top of the mountain; a simple morning coffee; a well-executed presentation at work; a neighborhood walk with an old friend; an evening concert with your sweetheart. Just as we so value these basic joys, we know you do too. Our goal is to support you in staying true to yourself, to live your joys, and help you prioritize you so you can savor the sweetness of life and continue living well, in whatever ways you choose. Getting out of pain and into action are important first steps.

You may say, “but what does chiropractic have to do with all of that?” Chiropractic is a conservative and effective form of care intended not merely to help you get out of pain, but also to help your nervous system adapt more effectively to the stress of life. When we’re adjusted to better respond to life’s events, we make clearer decisions, we feel better (in and about our bodies and ourselves), we prevent injury and illness, and are more empowered to act in alignment with our values.